Monday, July 23, 2012

Best Friends Wedding Weekend

All the Host of the Party with the Bride
The Beautiful Bellmont Plantation
The Dress
Helping Meredith get into her beautiful dress and put on her garter.
Myself hanging out, Caroline putting on her shoes, and our lovely makeup artist Melissa!

Brooke in hot rollers :), Mother of the bride, Mere getting her makeup did, Meredith's roomate from college getting her hair done by our hairstylist Brandy
High School Friends, Meredith after we put the Vail in, myself and Mere <3
The Graduating Girls of 05 with the Bride
Myself and Brooke, Leigh added some lip gloss, Meredith's Grandmother and Cousin Elizabeth, college roomie Ashley
Meredith with her cousin's Elizabeth and Caroline, Meredith with college roomies Ashley and Emily

Signing the License :) for Mr. and Mrs.
Me & Hillary, Marvin & I <3, Hillary and Stuart
Myself, Marti and Emily ; Paula, Myself, Samantha, Casey, Hillary, Marti, and Emily


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