Monday, May 2, 2011

Abstract Waves dress. Is this better than the top?

Ok so didn't get good feedback on the top here. But everyone who saw me in it loved the top and wanted one. IDK people have different taste. I wanted the teal top but ended up with the top in this print. What do you think about the dress? We have already sold out of most of them at the store. I think with a black or white belt or even maybe a red belt it would look cute also. How about you?

 Dress: The dress is $68 for customers : Charisma Boutique ( I get for $40 with my NEW discount!)
Shoes: Shoe Show (knock off Jack Rodgers I bought last year. They are so much more comfortable than the real thing. Believe me! Don't waste $120 on the real thing! Brand name is "Palms") $20
Sunglasses: Burke's Outlet $7
Earrings: gift from friend

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  1. You look great, very interesting and I think I fell in love:)