Monday, April 2, 2012

Rompers: Ya or Nay?

Romper: c/o Charisma Boutique (early Grad present)
Hat: not mine but do have one similar from Belks $9
So I have never been a REAL big fan of rompers. To be quite honest the fact of having to pull the whole thing down to use the restroom has detered (sp?) me from purchasing one. But when I tried one on to take pictures for my boss and manager last week they decided this would be one of my early grad presents. :) I could not say no. I do love the color and print and will just have to get use to wearing a "one peice" I guess it is like a dress just with a "pant" style bottom. So for my first time in a romper what do you think?


  1. You look great in a romper! So pretty.


  2. lovely :) I love it :)


  3. I love rompers. I live in them in the summer!

  4. I think the rompers are great. Yes, they are alittle tough sometimes but worth it when you find the right style for you.