Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Halloween

I made this peacock costume last yr. I only had like $15 in it to purchase the peacock feathers and the blue hairspray dye. I super glued the feathers to a brooch I had and secured it onto the dress with a bobby pin so that it was detachable. I used body glue for the feather over my eye and used blue and green eye shadow. Then I did a "bump" in my hair and pulled the rest into a bun and stuck feathers in my hair for the "tail" of the peacock. I made the arm gloves with brown knee high tights and cut the toe part out and tied a knot for my finger and thumb to stick out of. I sewed feathers to the bottom of the cocktail dress and WALA. Peacock. Hope this give you some idea that you can be classy on Halloween and put you own creative spin on an outfit instead of buying  the mini dresses in the halloween store. Keep Halloween classy and chic.

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