Monday, November 15, 2010

TADA my Famous Ebay Dress

OK So here is the famous EBAY you guys! I am looking for my rattlesnake beige and black clutch to wear with it also.=So that is what clutch I would pair with this look. I will also take pics later with different looks: gray tights and a peacoat and close toe shoes for fall, and tucking it into a Brown pencil skirt from NY&C for another way to wear it.

Dress: Dizzy Darling (Ebay) $12.95
Necklace: Nine West $3.99
Bangle: $2.89
Earrings:  $9
Shoes:  $12


  1. Jess! The dress looks amazing! Keep us posted with alternate looks!

  2. I have found the most amazing pieces of clothing on ebay...NEW of course...I also have found shoes, purses, watches and a bunch of stuff...The key is to know how to search...