Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wear your fly-away cardigan as a one shoulder

Ok So I have been searching for a cute one shoulder long sleeve top. In searching online found how to turn fly-away cardigans into one shoulder tops. When you tie the knot I tied mine slightly on the side and tucked in the ends and pulled the top down in the back. I would probably wear a black or white tube top under just for a layering look and to make the top seem longer. Also wear it open with a tank under it, tie it up in the front, etc. Their are many possibilities with cardigans! Love them! Hope you like
  • Turn one sleeve inside out.
  • Slide the other arm all the way on.
  • Wrap the loose end around your body from back to front.
  • Wrap the other side across your front and under your arm.
  • Pull the ends together in the back and knot.