Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late Post from Tuesday

Sweater: Belks $4.99
Shorts: Burkes Outlet $12.99
Necklace: Charisma Boutique $32
Earrings: Charisma Boutique $9
Bracelets: Charisma Boutique $12
Watch: Gift from my boyfriend
 I have been slacking on the blog being busy preparing for work next week. :/ I am excited and nervous about starting. Yesterday was a lazy day grocery shopping, mani/pedi by myself :) (trying to save money), and watched the Hunger Games with the boyfriend. He just started classed back last Thursday for his last semester in Electrical Engineering. He will graduate with 2 associates degrees and has started working with a friend to get electrical hours and his teacher is looking at some local jobs to get lined up for him. :) He is so smart and will do anything he sets his mind too. I start on Monday at my new RN job! ahhh excited but nervous. I don't want to work all the time and want to have time to enjoy my life so I don't get burnt out on nursing. I had to sign a 2 year contract for after my orientation is up and it about killed me. I hate commitments like that especially when it is to work. I am planning on enjoying this last part of the week and weekend. Next week I have classes M-F all day and then that Saturday is my birthday!!!! The big 25. I plan on celebrating well! lol Hope you all have a lovely day! xoxo

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