Monday, December 20, 2010

Friend Bloggers

So I have made 2 great friends through blogging so far. Which I love. I am not normally good at chatting with people I don't know at first in person but online through blogging I can. lol I am the type of person that does not like to go out in big crowds like downtown or bars unless I am with a big group of my friends and after a few drinks to loosen up. lol I am kind of quite and shy and so is my bf. So we are a perfect match. :) I am glad to have meet these 2 lovely ladies so far and hope to make more new friends through blogging.

First off : Maddie
Her blog is :
She blogs about everything under the sun. Her fav clothing, homemade goodies, recipes, favorite books, community projects, etc. CHECK OUT HER BLOG! Amazing! Great job girl!

Last but not least: Ms. Kirsten
Her blog is:
 Her blog is also GREAT! She blogs about her favorite fashions, looks, and how so plus sized woman can look good. She looks great and has an awesome blog and personality that shows. Check it out she is lovely!

I really hope you will all take a look at their blogs they are awesome ladies and deserve some blog loving! XOXO - Jess

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  1. hey ladybug! thank you so much! this was so sweet! I love your blog so much! A fashionista and a bargainista all rolled up into one?!? **faint** you've stolen my heart!