Friday, December 17, 2010

Going out

So having a girls night out with girls I graduated with next Wednesday. What do you think of this top? Got it in at the store I work at yesterday and I think I have to have it! Its $32. What do you think or wearing this with skinny jeans and short ankle booties?


  1. $32, wow girl, that a splurge for you! lol I love the shirt. I think you have the best shoulders to do those one shoulder shirts and dresses. I'm jealous! Looks great on you!

  2. haha it is a splurge but I get a discount working their too so its cheaper actually. $32 is regular price for everyone else. :) PS if you see anything you like on their page she will take Credit cards over the phone and ship it out.

  3. hi sweetie! GORGEOUS top but much too dressy for jeans. do you have a leather shirt that's let say about 2" above your kneee? it's too bad we're not neighbors you look like you're about the same size i was before i got hurt and i've got one size 6. it's soft black leather w/ a slit up one side, so we'd have to break up all that black w/ something. you're doing the right thing by not wearing jewelery around your neck the blouse is embelishment enough. although you could get away w/ big or small silver or diamond earrings and a silver bangle or two on your naked arm. WAIT, maybe a pair of rockin' red pants w/short high heel black boots!OH PLEASE, at least let me see a pic w/ this outfit! have fun, L.A.