Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Bargains

Yes people I also try to find nice decorative home pieces also. I love, love, love shopping for home stuff and have picked up some cheap goodies over the past month. I stay at my parents a few days a week since they live in town where I go to school at and stay at my bf's some. I don't wanna move in with him since we are not engaged/married yet and I would probably wait till we get married to move in. He has a house on the water that he is fixing up slowly but surely on a college student budget. He will graduate with his Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering in the next year. YAY! I am so excited for him. He is so smart and I do love him dearly. He has put down slate in the kitchen, made his own cabnets, redone the sheet rock and put in receased lights, etc, etc. Still alot to do but it looks great so far for him to be doing it all by himself. A little about my life for anyone who cares. Anyways here are some lovely decorating pieces I have purchased recently. :)
Ok so if you are wondering where all these items from from then if you have a Family Dollar in your area check it out. I know it sounds like a typical dollar store but they have really cute stuff in there you just have to look! I try to check it out every week and sometimes it is a hit or miss but I have found some cute stuff. My mom has even cuter stuff. Wall decor, bathroom goodies, curtains, etc.

Top Right: "Family" oil candle burner $3
Bottom Left: 13' x 13' Basket Weave ottoman $12
Middle: Decor Balls $1 each ; Basket $3 ( I need one more ball so I put a candle in place for now)


  1. What!!! This is from family dollar?! okay, i seriously need to shop there! I had NO idea they had this kind of stuff that cheap!!

  2. Yes girl! They are building a new one here. Everyone shops at the one we have for decorative pieces. They have nice wall clocks and wall decor at ours.I am sure they are all different. Don't judge a book by its cover I guess