Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I got my haircut

I finally got my haircut today by a professional. For the past year I have been growing it out and it was in desperate need of a cut. I have mostly trimmed my hair myself over the years to save money and because I am the pickiest person about cutting my hair. I even cut my bangs myself. Well now I am letting them grow out and got my hair cut today. I kept most of the length in front and got it shorter cut in the back so its at an angle. I kind of wish I would have got it stacked more but I still have to wash it and play with it. My hair is flat and straight and you can't really do much with it. lol I'll post pics soon PROMISE. Please tell me what you think when I do


  1. LOVE the new header!! it looks great!! cant wait to see your new haircut! PS- how do you trim your own hair?! I wish I could do my own! I have long straight hair and it typically runs me $30-45 for a 5 minute blunt cut!! So frustrating!!

  2. I take hair cutting shears I got from a beauty store and just take the ends and cut upwards. Just don't get scissor happy. lol I have messed up a many of times. You can't really cut the back though you know. Also look at videos on youtube.They help with anything and everything. Gosh haircuts around here are from $15-$20 plus a tip.

  3. I'm moving to north carolina!!! hahaha thanks girl!