Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wear

ok So here is my final choice for my cousins wedding. Beige chiffon dress that I have pictured earlier by itself. Tucking it into a black satin pencil skirt I got on sale for $15 from Charisma Boutique. Its 5pm Saturday evening it will be 37*F here that night so I'm layering up with a gray peacoat and emerald scarf. Don't know what shoes I'm wearing yet though probably just black pumps. Its inside but I'm sure I will be outside some afterwards so I hope there is a heater. lol I have a black flower in my hair since its up. Should I wear my hair up or down. I may be cutting my hair tomorrow afternoon into a long bob keeping my length but just trimming and getting it stacked a little little bit in the back since I am letting my bangs grow out so I can do a side part again. lol But I kind of like my bangs now. UGH decisions decisions. Let me know anything you would change. Thanks everyone! <3 MUAH


  1. Hello sweetie, great look, sassy and cute for a wedding and a great bargain. I guess I'm just saying thanks for following, it's always exciting to have a new follower, and to be able to read their blog and find out all about them! Your blog is so lovely, and the nursing career sounds fab! I'm following,
    Love Chloe X

  2. cute dress. you look great :)