Sunday, January 2, 2011

$100 Gift Card got me...

Went on a shopping spree today with a gift card my parents got me for Christmas. Spent 2 hours in the mall by myself (my bf is not a shopper) lol. Can you say retail therapy. I got all this plus the post from last week with the shoes and belts for under $100 and still have $8 left on my gift card. I was so excited! I love a discount. Some of the tops I really wanted were all gone in my size. There were 2 I had my heart set on but no luck because everything was so picked threw. But I still made out great I think. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything I got. Will post a pic from my New Years outfit and outfits with these items soon! 

#1: Blue one shoulder with velvet bow: (Charlotte Russe) $5 original price $22.50
#2: Blush chiffon top with rosettes: (Charlotte Russe) $10 original price $24.50
#3: Black and gray lace top: (Rue 21) $8 original price $18.99
#3: Baby blue 3/4 sleeve sweater: (NY&C) $11.99 original price $29.95
#4: White sweater: (Its Fashion) $10 original price $22
#5: Blush/flesh tone pumps: (Rue 21) $25 not on sale :(
#6: Blush and rhinestone wristlet: (Express) $7.99 original price $19.95
#7: Black and White bracelet: (NY&C) $4.99 original price $16.95


I got one more red one shoulder but left it at the bf's dad's house. I bought 3 one shoulder just bc I don't have any one shoulder tops for this summer and they are so in style this season.Right now is the best time to buy things so go hit up your local mall and shop till you drop. xoxo- jess


  1. That navy shirt is adorable! Great for going out! You have the best luck with finding awesome deals! I can't believe those prices!!!

  2. **faints** that is quite a haul girlfriend! I LOVE IT when you go out shopping and you only spend a little bit of money and you come home with BAGS and BAGS of goodies! whheeeeww! **jealous** heeheheh