Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18 Gloomy Day

Kind of a gloomy day so I opted for a black and gray look to go with the weather. :) Wore this for running errands and doing a little work at the boutique today. I have been named their best asset to the store since I have been doing their facebook page, window decor, and mannequin outfit choices. lol http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=0c6c2f236bc29f7c8630d7df977d656c&#!/pages/Charisma-Boutique/70641194433 I would love to own my own store one day. Ahhh the dream. Maybe once I finish school I can take out a loan to accomplish it. I have learned people like items they can't find at Belks, TJ Maxx, etc. They like cute and different stuff and so do I! Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone. When I open my own store I will let you know.
Black Cami: Belk $5
Gray Shrug: Its Fashion $10
Owl Pendant Necklace: Charisma Boutique $12
Skinny Jeans: Belks :12
Black Pumps: Shoe Show $15

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