Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Jan 20

 Look for today! LOVE this necklace I scored at Burkes Outlet last week for $2.99. Also found earrings I have had FOREVER that matched it! YAY! I think I bought the earrings 4 - 5 years ago from JC Penny, they had longer dangly things on them but it made them heavy so I clipped them with wire cutters so they didn't pull on my ears some much.Oh and I dyed my hair medium brown. Its kinda dark right now but I am hoping it fades a little. I have a few gray hairs and wanted to cover them up. lol Stress of life. Also these jeans are little long with these heels but I didn't feel like wearing taller ones today. So FYI make sure your jeans aren't to long because it can make your look frumpy.

Top: Belk (Christmas Present)
Necklace: Burkes Outlet $2.99
Earrings: old
Jeans: Charisma Boutique $50
Shoes: Belk $18

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