Thursday, February 3, 2011

Casual Day

Hey so working at the store today and trying to clean up some of our staff area and organize. UGH. I always get stuck doing this. I deserve a raise. lol Well wanted a comfy but kinda cute look while here all day today. Business is soooo slow and IDK why we have 40% off all clothing and shoes right now. Where are you customers?!

Cardigan: My twin sisters closet
Cami: Belk $4
Jeans: Belk $15
Boots: Its Fashion $20
Necklace: $4
Ring: Charisma Boutique $12
Earrings: Charisma Boutique $13

Heres an up close pic of the ring and earrings! I LOVE them! You should see all the other cute jewelry we got in AMAZING! I know the earrings and ring don't match but I don;t really care. lol I love them both too much and couldn't choose this morning so I decided on both. :)

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