Monday, February 7, 2011

Dress for VDay with my hunny?

So do you think this is too much for a Valentines day dinner. I want to look a little sexy for my boyfriend and we hardly ever have dinners by ourselfs. I want to surprise him and really dress up and look GREAT. I am thinking about this dress from where I work (Charisma Boutique). What do you think. Its kind of tight fitting on the bootie which I NEVER wear so this is def out of the box for me. Probably won't wear these shoes because they kill my feet but will  do a little pop of color somehow.

Dress: Charisma Boutique $49 (40% off) so $30
Shoes: Charisma Boutique $39 (40% off) so $23
Bracelet: NY&C $8

Here is the link to the page on facebook where I work please go like them and suggest to your friends. The more advertisement she gets the more I make. lol I have gotten her so much business so I am hoping for a raise of better discount. lol!/pages/Charisma-Boutique/70641194433


  1. You look incredibly sexy in this outfit!!! I love it! Its sexy without looking trashy. Perfect!! You will HAVE to let us know what you and your boo do for VDay!! I'm guessing that you'll get jewelry! ...Yurman, maybe?! And btw, you totally deserve a raise! You do waaaayyy too much advertising for Charisma to not get one!

  2. Ha thanks Maddie. Yea I hope Marvin likes it. We are not a lovie dovie couple at all but we do have great Valentines Day dinners. I make him Reese cup brownies every I wish I would get a proposal soon but we will see. Still in school and so is he. Yes I do also wish for a raise. I work part time there but do a ton for the store and have gotten them lots of business through facebook. When I started they didn't even update the page and only had around 300 friends now it is up to 650 or something like that. Hope you had a good weekend and have a lovely Valentines Day too!