Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blazer and Dress?

Question would you rock this look? My inspiration was from J's Everyday Fashion.

Blazer: $20 (on a very good sale)
Dress: Charisma Boutique around $40 (also wore on New Years)
Belt: My sis's closet ( I think she said it was $3 and from Charlotte Russe)
Shoes:  Its Fashion $7
Earrings: Burke's outlet $2.69


  1. I like the shoes in the first picture! THey are super cute! I am looking for snake skin (fake) shoes like those. Where did she get hers??

    I also wanted to ask you who takes your pictures??!

    Awesome outfit by the way! seems like i have to go and start finding my little shops around here! its kindah hard when Minnesota weather is so cold! :)

    thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hey. Snake Skin shoes are hard to come by. I have one pair that are gold heel with a snakeskin belt across the toe but that is the only pair I own. I got them from a kind of "ghetto" store in my town. Check out the little shops sometime you can find good deals. Oh and I take my pics on a tripod. lol Kinda cheesy to take pics of yourself but it works and I do it for my work all the time at the boutique. Thanks for posting a comment!