Friday, March 18, 2011

Which Dress?

My boss just marked these down. I am disapointed with our Escapada line and Judith March :( The ones we got in were not cute enough on me for the price $70-90 so I decided since I didn't love them when I tried them on no reason to get them! The two I am holding kind of have a deep V neck and since I am small chested did not look as good. Which do you like better?

- Charisma Boutique $35 (plus I got 20% off)
- Earrings Charisma $9 (just got with my paycheck) :)


  1. I think I really like the one on the left. It looks cute on the hanger but might not be cute on. Which one did you end up getting?

  2. I am still up in the air. The 2 I am holding have very deep V necks and people said the middle one made me look prego. lol I may not get either. Plus I just pulled my dress collection down from my attic and I have like 20 dress. lol Only sad thing is that I don't even wear half of them