Sunday, April 3, 2011


Bought this top the past week that we got in. I love it and since I have nothing in my closet orange I had to have it! I wore it with jeans and a pair of brown heels since I was kind of cold again this weekend. I thought it would be cute with white pants this summer or white shorts. What do you think? Top: Charisma Boutique $46 ( I get a store discount though ) Necklace: Charlotte Russe $3 Earrings: Charisma $9 Ring: Charisma $9 

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Charisma Boutique


  1. Love the top and yes white shorts or pants would be TO DIE!

  2. It's a lovely top and you look beautiful in it.

  3. cant wait to see you wearing it with white pants/shorts! What a cute and unique top! I love it! I love boutique shopping because you can find beautiful things that are unlike anything you see in the malls! Employee discount + first dibs on the merchandise = You are so lucky to work in a great shop like you do!!! Totally jealous!