Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best Friend Engagment Alert

So my bestie got Engaged last night! Very unexpected I would have to say. But I am so happy for her. I do have to say another one bites the dust she is 24 and her fiance is 29 so he is older and I guess it is time for him to be settling down. Ugh now I will have to hear even more about well you and Marvin have been dating for 6 years when are yall getting married. I am in no rush really. I mean sometimes I get the "I want to soon" stage but then I am like I still need to finish school and so does he, have a good job, have some money saved up, have my own nice house, etc. No need to rush when we know we are happy as is and have talked about it. I just want to enjoy still having freedom, hanging out with all my friends, going out, having drinks. All of my married friends are all home bodies and work all the time and you never see them unless you make plans for dinner a month in advanced or see them in the local Walmart shopping for groceries. I hope I don't loose my best friend now. She is just graduating from Pharmacy School at Campbell University and just wanted to go hang out and party before she starts her job. I hope things will stay to same. I have to say I am quite jealous he may take her away from me. Is that a bad thing? How do you feel about your friends engagements? I did like Maddy Dougherty's Post on The Classy Turtle <3  last week on marriage and weddings and such. Please read it, it will either make you laugh like it did me or maybe not. lol

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  1. hahaha these are my thoughts exactly every time one of my girlfriends get engaged!! lol. Love it! Its not that you arent excited about her getting engaged...its just everything changes in your relationship! If you can figure out how to keep your relationship the same once they get hitched, I would love to know!