Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casual Paisley

Hey just wore this to work today for a few hours. Had to go in to take pics and move clothes around and change out the mannequins. Fun Fun. Wore it with a cute pair of white sandals and ta da. Still cute but comfy. 
Top: Body Shop $6 
Shorts: Its Fashion $12 
Earrings: Charisma Boutique $9

Sorry I have been slacking. I am planning on every Sunday or Monday putting together outfits for the entire week and labeling them for what day I plan to wear them. Then I will have all my pics taken in one day and I can just upload them as I wear them each day. I have also started making a 4 item of list of what I want to buy each month. So then I know my monthly budget which will be around $100. Let see how this works. I will be posting soon. I have in my mind for this month a new purse, pencil skirt, and a cute white top. I will post pics tomorrow of what I am looking for and then the search is on.

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