Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Wear

Last day working at Charisma New Bern over my Christmas break from school! We start back classes next Thursday and I am excited about it being my last semester but stressed because I know I am going to be so busy! We are trying to make New Years plans with everyone and it sucks because it never works out that everyone is together because everybody makes separate plans. UGH. Well I plan to enjoy these last few days off with nothing to do!
Tunic: Charisma (my sisters) was $46 now on sale for $34
Leggings: Burkes Outlet $3.99 (fleece lined!)
Boots: very old from Goodies (I actually just took these to Goodwill got some new black tall boots! These were falling apart!)
Bracelet: Burkes Outlet $4
Belt: Charisma $9

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  1. I love this and what a bargain :) such a cute post loving your blog xx