Monday, June 13, 2011

Check these out!

Ok so I am kind of starting a money making thing. lol I have been doing the boutique's facebook page I work at since last May. It started off at 300 some odd "likes" and now has 915! YES It grew that much! I do the pics, model, do our window display, fashion styling with customers, status updates, etc. Anything you can do on facebook I do for the Charisma Boutique page. Well now that my boss opened a new business called Little Shoppes of Washington I am doing their page in 2 months we have 245 people that like our page. Well doing those I have picked up 5 more pages! (So 7 all together) I get paid $50 per month! (2 are together though) So yea I have kind of started a business as my boyfriend would call it. Kind of excited and I do like it. Great money to do something I never went to school for I think. And will def be keeping it up when I start back Nursing school in August for some part time money since I won't be able to work hardly any. So please go support the pages and manage. PS taking pics tonight of outfits for the week! Had to work Sunday and 7a-3p today.

Charisma Boutique
Little Shoppes of Washington
Cupcakes and Cocktails
Me Time
My Poodle's Porch
Pamlico Pantry

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