Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Wear

So I started cleaning the boutique last month for my boss. I worked out a deal to get $80 is store credit each month to clean. I straighten up, dust, vaccum, clean the windows, clean our bathrooms, etc. ( I am not ashamed to say that I actually like cleaning and to clean for store credit is a good deal to me in getting shopping money ) lol :) I can get at least 3 things each time with it. So... Yep here was one of my gift card purchases. I needed something to wear to 2 weddings we have coming up in Sept and Oct. Plus my cousin is getting married the end of August and we have a wedding shower to go to this weekend. So I will def be wearing this dress soon. I didn't really have any NICE dressy dresses. Also I have been taking items I have never worn to a lady that I have found that does alterations for CHEAP.

TIP: You know how you buy things sometime and they just don't fit exactly how you want. I am telling you spend a little extra money and get it altered. It will look like it was made for you. She altered a dress for me that I have had for at least 4 years that was way to long on my for $10. I probably paid $10 for the dress originally but now I can FINALLY wear it. I have a jacket I am getting her to do, an express blouse that was tunic length that I am getting her to shorten, and a top that was tunic length that I am getting her to shorten. 

The dress pictured above was the Medium on me which was a tad short and tight on my butt. I bought the large and got it altered. She took it in on both sides (having to take the zipper out also to do it) and only charged me $10!

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  1. Wow! That is suuupperrr cheap for alterations!! Never go to anyone else! lol That is a really great top! I love this for an afternoon wedding! And that is such a great deal you have with your boss!