Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Weekend

So my lovely friend that I was in nursing school with last year got married this weekend. There wedding destinations got changed 2 weeks ago because the church she want to get married in was under construction from hurricane Irene. It was a small but nice wedding inside a little white church in Plymouth. The ceremony was wonderful and my other friend who was also in nursing school with us sang and gave me chills. Kendal you rocked and I so want you to sing in my wedding one day! Here are a few pics from the evening. Congrats Lindsay and Craig Davis!
Trying to catch the bouquet = Unsuccessful

Twin sis Casey, The bride, Kendal (friend that sang) and myself

akward  moment

Myself and Marvin

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  1. Looks like a great time. I love your ruffled top. Need one just like it.