Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Meredith!

This is a pic from Tuesday night of my friends and I at Meredith's Surprise Birthday dinner! My friend Leigh got a cake and told them to put "Happy Birthday Mere" the dummies put "Happy Birthday Mere ....." Who puts that on a cake?! Anyway we had some margaritas and just finally got to hang out it was great. Meredith has never had a surprise party before so I had to be the first to do it! We have been "best friends" since Junior Year in High School but went to school together out whole life just never hung out until high school. We have our little argument times but its ok its still a mutual love! lol I am maid of honor in her wedding this summer also and cannot wait! Hope you ladies are having a great week! I have one more day of my intership, did great on my midterm exam and have 8 weeks of school left until I graduate! YAY! :)

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  1. What a fantastic time. You girls are so sweet to each other.