Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tie Blouse

 Blouse: Kmart $9 (recent)
Jeans: Cello (Ebay) $20
Shoes: Cato $10
Ring: Burkes Outlet $5

Gosh I am so ready to get a nice new camera. I usually set the timer to take the pictures but have noticed when I actually have someone else take them they turn out better. IDK what is going on with it! UGH. Anyway, I wore this Monday to class and I need to vent. There are so many over weight people in my class it is sickening. We are in nursing school and are suppose to set a healthy example for our patients. After our test this week I sat outside of the auditorium and looked all the ladies walk out in there nasty sweat pants with their stomach hanging ever so much over the top of their pants. Some of these girls look like they rolled out of bed and just came. First of all its a 1pm class the middle of the day! Come on now! I never go anywhere with out putting on a tiny bit of makeup and at least throwing on a pair of jeans. I have NEVER been out of my house in sweat pants unless I was working out and then I went straight from their to shower and change clothes. I just think people should show more respect for themselves and others. No one wants to see your large abdomen hanging out of the bottom of your shirt. And it is not that they don't have money to buy clothes because they are buying big screen TV's and new vehicles with their tax refunds and left over financial aid money that they government just forks out to people to live on. I go to school full time, do my intership, work part time at the boutique, work at the hospital at least 1 -2 shifts a week as an NA II and clean an office every weekend to get my money. Ugh I just hate listening to these people. If they had to work for their money maybe they wouldn't look like such "bums" when they came to school. Anywho.... on a lighter note. I passed my test this week :) have a midterm this coming week and only have 12 more weeks of school left until graduation! I CANNOT WAIT! :) I have worked very hard to get this degree even though it has taken me some time. I will be graduating with my Associate Degree Nursing, Associate in General Education, and Associate in Science! I am so happy and ready for that day to come! I will post my Valentines Day outfit tomorrow! xoxo


  1. That top is adorable! Kmart has stepped it up when it comes to apparel.

  2. Gosh Kmart is the best sometimes for finding awesome items like this blouse!

  3. HI Jessica!

    I use timer too to take my pictures, but most of the time it's better that way than having someone take my pictures. Haha!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. We're two peas in a pod, I love fashion but I'm a cheapo as well, hahaha...
    I hope you'll stop by again soon, maybe even follow if you like my posts! ^_^

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