Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School = Stress

 T-Shirt: Goodies (very old)
Scarf: Gift ( I love scarfs so I get a ton for gifts)
Pants: Burkes Outlet (Fragile brand) $15
Boots: Shoe Show (South Pole) $15

So this being my last semester FINALLY (if I make it with a passing grade) they are piling up the studying, test material, presentations, projects, clinical paperwork. Ahhh Sunday-Friday I am working on school stuff, working on Tuesday after class in the Emergency Department, working on Friday and Saturday afternoons and cleaning an office on Sunday morning. I feel like I never have a day just to myself. And get this our Spring Break is 3 WEEKS away and I will be working and studying for a test that following Tuesday :) Oh the joys of nursing school. So to say the least I will be slack on the blog the next couple of weeks. So here is a post of my comfy outfit to sit in class on Tuesday with before I change for work. PS It turned out warmer that I thought so I removed the scarf and changed to rainbow flip flops in my car. ;) Wish my luck and please keep me in your prayers until May 3rd for my final.

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