Friday, April 27, 2012

Gonna be a Bright Sun Shiney Day

Dress: Belks (recent) $14
Shoes: Its Fashion (old) $9.99

I love summer. Summer makes it so much easier for me to get dressed in the morning. I can throw on a dress and go. I have SOOOOOOO many dresses in my closed it is kind of crazy. This one was on sale like 2 weeks ago so I had to get it. I have been helping my friend go through her closet this past weekend and week and got a few items (hand me downs) from her. :) It is nice to get free clothes too what ever she didn't give away to friends she knew she is taking to Goodwill which is what I do as well with all my clothes when I decide to get rid of them. Well ladies hope you have a nice day I will be working at the shop. Oh and below is a picture of my boyfriends boat. I kept forgetting to get one and we were out all weekend last weekend so my friends got some good pictures of it. The sail is still in need of cleaning but he had done so much other work on it he just wanted it in the water. :) xoxo


  1. cute dress! i love dresses for summer - so easy to just throw on and go!

  2. Really cute dress! Thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit post & about Chic of the Week! :)