Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sundress, Coach Bag and Wedges

Dress: Charisma Boutique (Escapada Resort brand) $60
Necklace: Ebay (Loveshop80 seller name) $14.50
Purse: Coach (gift from bestie, she cleaned out her closet) Free
Wedges: Shoe Show (Hot Tomato Brand) $14.99
So yesterday was cloudy and rainy and I sat inside all day studying for NCLEX and then going though my closet. I am really mad at myself because I found that clothes I thought I did have I think I have taken to goodwill at some point and I really thought up some cute ways to wear them. It makes me so angry when I see a picture and think I have something similar to find that I have gotten rid of it. But nothing I can do about it now. I learned a lesson though, don't throw clothes away because they will always come back in style. For instance pleated skirts like my Grandmother use to wear, loose fitting blouses, pencils skirts, and recently I have seen the "hippie" looking wide leg pants with crazy designs back in style! I LOVE that fashion always repeats! PS by the way I also posted this dress when I posted graduation pictures, I wore it under my cap and gown that night as well. What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now? How do you change them up to fit your style? Hope you all have a lovely day! xoxo


  1. yay! adorable as usual! I love those wedges and that dress is so cute! congrats on your recent graduation! **so proud** !!!

  2. cute dress :)