Monday, August 6, 2012

20 Day Countdown

Blouse: New York & Company $12
Skirt: Burkes Outlet $1.99
Earrings: Burkes Outlet $2.99
Bracelets: 1) gift 2)Forever 21 $1.99 3) Forever 21 $6.99
I just realized today that I only have 20 more days until I start my RN job at the hospital. AHHHHH. I am so nervous and scared and I am sad that I won't be able to work as much at the boutique. My boss is sad about the whole thing. :/ I am still going to try to work a little there but I am sure my work schedule is going to be CRAZY on the Oncology floor. The first week is nothing but classes from 7a-5p. :/ I haven't even heard from my recruiter since I accepted the offer and tomorrow I have my occupation/physical health screening, I am suppose to dress comfortable to run a treadmill. lol That should be fun. I will be sure to take a picture of my "work out" attire for it. The weekend was great we went to a cookout Friday night, Saturday I work all day at the store and we were packed for tax free weekend and the sale my boss is having, Sunday we went bike riding and my boyfriend and I just hung out and watch documentaries. Speaking of everyone should watch Food Incorporated and you will look at the food you eat very differently. I think I am going organic and vegetarian after I saw it. Ewww. Well wish me luck on my appointment tomorrow. xoxo


  1. OK I LOVE your blouse and can't believe it was only $12! That is insane! I'm so glad I found your blog--I'm your newest follower :) I just started a blog and would LOVE it if you stopped by! :)
    Obviously Obsessed 

  2. 12 bucks, wow. You look flawless. Fabulous post, love! I've got some exciting news regarding my post. Hope you'll stop by to check it out. Oh, and thanks so much for the book recommendation. I have quite the must read list now. :) xo

  3. lovely skirt!!!!
    i've seen a similar show on TV today and from now and on i will check the food labels!