Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bargain Buy RULES

To find bargains around your town go to your local retailers and remember to shop around. Check out days they have special discounts, if they have student discounts, newspaper coupons, sign up online with companies and you get mail with coupons. ALWAYS check the sale/clearance racks first you may find something unexpected and be able to buy more with your budget! Don't just go to juniors/petites/misses. Check different locations in the store you wouldn't normally check out. Most people my age go straight to juniors but since I find cute deals and tell everyone they have now started shopping in juniors and misses. Know that if its a little big you can belt it. Belt's are GREAT thing. If the shoes are a little tight take them to your local shoe shop and get them stretched! Don't buy it if you haven't tried it on and don't LOVE it. If you don't love it in the store you probably won't when you get home. Wait if you can, it will go on sale eventually! But if you HAVE to have it then buy it. What is it going to hurt. You are shopping anyways right?! LAYAWAY its there for a reason ask if you can pay some down towards the item to hold it. Look online, in magazine, TV at trends you like and then look for similar items locally. Add facebook pages of the stores, sign up for the mail listings, etc. It will save you money eventually.

                 These bracelets I purchased at Charisma Boutique a couple of years ago. GORGEOUS
            I purchased this bracelet for $2.69 (retail was $14.99)
                                                $2.89 Retail was $16
                                                     GORGEOUS with gold earrings
                                                      $6.99 Regular Price was $29
                                                          Weekend sale plus 20% coupon

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