Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodwill Finds you will Never Believe

                    ^ Split Tote for $1.99 retail for around $45. Still had the tag on it!!!

                                             "The Limited" pencil skirt (pinkish-orange) for $3
                                              Fits great. Washed it when I got home and TADA!

Great buys at your local Goodwill if you just go in and look. There is no need to be scared of "used" clothing. Wash it and it's as good as new. They aren't going to take horrible, ripped clothing. It has to be decent. There is no foul in looking. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss but its worth a chance. I have seen Express jeans with tags still on them for $4!!! Did not have them in my size though :( Take a chance and you may find a treasure!

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  1. I already like you and think you will be a great nurse. Thank you for following my blog "beautyinmyworld.blogspot.com
    I will look forward to seeing what treasures you find. i also look in our local second hand shops. I love fashion as well and may wear something from our local frenchies with pieces I have bought in my travels. Be your own person!!!