Tuesday, November 9, 2010

$0.75 Skirt hemmed by Mom

Love you mom. Thanks for hemming it for me! This skirt can also be lower for a longer length. It was past my knees and made me look very short so I hemmed it. Awesome find!

Sharagona Skirt $0.75 skirt hemmed. Pulled up high but can also be worn lower on the hips to make it longer.

Purple Pumps: $7.99
Liz Claiborne Necklace: $2.99 (70% $29.99 regular price)
Purple Leopard Print Belt: $1
Sleeveless Top: $6.99
Cardigan:  $6


  1. girl! you find the greatest bargains! who could beat $0.75?!? love it!

  2. Hey sweetie! Your skirt is absolutely precious! I really love how you turned a .75 cent skirt into one that looks like $75 from J Crew! Very well done! I have a blog request for you! I read your blurb about you and I am a respiratory student. I try so so hard to look cute, trendy, and unique in the hospital without looking frumpy, figure-less, and sloppy. Would you mind blogging about what other people in the medical profession can wear to still look cute?! I think if I see another set of scrubs with "ABC 123" on it or kitty cats playing with a ball of yarn, I'm going to barf! Thanks babe!

  3. Yes I will get on that asap! I am actually a nursing student right now but know exactly what you are talking about. Some people do not know how to look cute in scrubs AT ALL. lol