Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking good in Scrubs

Ok everyone so this is a special request but I know EXACTLY what this person means. So as a nursing student I am in the hospital setting A LOT. We do have to wear uniforms in a blueberry color which are not all that cute but other staff can whatever they want. So my suggestion to people is to try and look cute and professional when you come to work so you don't scare your patients when you walk in the room. First off scrubs with characters are terrible on any body shape. You are not a 3 year old. Wear solid color scrubs or just a solid color with an icon on the pocket if anything. Do not buy the scrubs so big they look like PJ's. Find the size that fits your body best. Buy tops with the ties at the waist to make the top more fitted. Purchase your base colors first and then work from there. I am now applying to get my NA and have purchased a few scrub pants and tops already. I pick them up wherever there are sells Walmart, Uniforms RN, etc. I picked up an aqua pair of pants this past week and plan to pair them with a black top. Simple but still a pop of color and yet looks awesome together. You can pair brown pants with a bright yellow top. Black scrub pants can go with any color top. No white though in the hospital setting it gets to dirty. Buy neutral color lab coats as well such as black and brown. Don't just pull your hair up in ponytail everyday. Put some french twist in it or twist it up in a bun. Use a flower pin in your hair or cute little hair clips if allowed. Don't wear your hair down either it looks very unpleasant in the hospital. You are SUPPOSE to wear it up but just make it cute. Put on you makeup PLEASE before you go to work. Just don't look like you rolled out of bed put on another set of PJ's and came to work. Put some effort into it for the sake of your patients and co-workers! They have to look at you all day, make it a pleasant experience for you and them. SMILE!


  1. THANK YOU!!!! you are awesome! lol I need to google some cute and secure up-dos that I can do for work! I am so so glad someone else holds my hatred towards character scrubs! Aqua and black sounds like a great combo...never thought of that! Love it! If you ever do something unique with your scrubs, please post a pict! xoxo

  2. Yes planning on getting some pics up soon!