Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan 5, 2011

Wanted to show the back of my Cello Jeans. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Decided to wear my leopard print shoes I have because I never really wear them that much anymore. The necklace to the left I found walking in the mall my sister thinks its a Cookie Lee necklace but I have no clue. Its so cute thought. Finders Keepers I guess it was over Christmas and it was so packed out I would have never have found the person. Let me know what you think. This is the leather Express coat my bf got me for Christmas and I wear it every chance I get too! lol
Leather Coat: Express $98 I think he got it on sale
Black Top: NY&C (old) I think I paid $12
Cello Jeans: $36
Leopard Point Heels: (very old) probably paid $15
Necklace: Found (thinking its Cookie Lee)

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  1. Been looking through your outfits - they all look like fun (and like you find good deals)! And I see you are a fellow shoe-lover too, haha. Print shoes are hard to match with things, I know I almost never wear my floral ones and I should make the effort to; but you should try and wear them more often, they look great :]