Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NA work wear

I also work at a boutique in my town and have just started working part time as an NA I will graduate Nursing School next May with my RN. Here is how I look going to work at the hospital. I just wear a XXS shirt to make me not look so frumpy. Basic solid tops are my fav. I hate all the designs they put on scrubs. Not cool and also make sure you by scrub tops with back ties so that you can make them form fitting. I buy all my scrubs from Walmart or Scrubs MD a scrub store in my town when they are on sale. I pull my hair in a clip or bun and wear small earrings when their. Simple yet still hospital sophisticated. :)


  1. Very cute! Have you seen the monogrammed ID Badge holders yet? Everyone at my hospital has them in many colors and fabrics to match their scrubs! Super cute!

  2. We aren't allowed to have stuff around our neck but I do have a clip one. Its just black and white paisley! I love it though! They sale them everywhere around here