Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Time Again

Its Halloween again! This is my outfit from 2009. I made my own peacock costume from a very old cocktail dress from a cruise I went on in high school. I sewed some peacock feathers to the bottom of the dress, made the brooch by hot gluing the feather to the back of it, borrowed a friends feather earrings, pulled my hair up and fluffed it up so it was all messy in the back then stuck some feathers in it, and used the blue hair color spray they sell during halloween to do a streak in my hair, oh and a tutorial from Makeup Geek for my peacock inspired eye shadow and used body glue to glue a little peacock feather to my eye. Walla. homemade peacock outfit. I had so many compliments that year it was amazing. I will probably never be able to top it. This year I am probably aiming for a homemade Pocahontas outfit. Going to get some cheap material tie the side to make a dress add some fringe, use my feathers in my hair and wear my brown comfy boots. All I need now is to find some indian symbols to draw on the fabric. What are you all being/doing this halloween!? Post your link of your plans or pictures  please! Happy Halloween everyone!

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