Monday, November 7, 2011

The prissy cowgirl

So I have had this dress for awhile and haven't worn it yet. Figured I would try out some looks and some turned out cute! Its a little long on me but I tucked it under the belt and folded it over. Ha now I can wear it longer or shorter. YAY. Sorry I have been so MIA on the blog family nursing care this semester is keeping me busy. UGH and I am trying to grow my hair out and it just stays at this length and I hate it. I wish I knew something to do with it :/ Anyways it has gotten chilly here some days are around 74 some 66 and nights are running around 58-36 so far. Its hard to dress in the morning because our weather changes so much. Hope all of you are having a great fall semester/season. School is going great for me so far. Maintaining a B average, but that is wonderful for as much as I have struggled with nursing school testing. Studying hard and figuring out what I needed to do this time around has helped tremendously! Happy Monday yall! <3
Dress: Burkes Outlet (Tiana B regular $62) $19.99 (15% off)
Belt: Its Fashion $1.99
Boots: Free (helping my boss at Charisma Boutique clean after the hurricane)


  1. I love finding old dresses that haven't. Een worn. They give me something to work with. Nice boots btw.

  2. LOVE this outfit! Wish you weren't 4 hours away! Your closet is amazing!