Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Season!

Marvin, Myself, Jessica Woolard and Stetson

Umm yes cold Fall weather has hit Eastern NC

Congrats Jade and Jason Williams!!

The most beautiful wedding I have been to in awhile

Beth, Paula, Myself, Jessica and Christina

Gorgeous and yummy cake!

Open your eyes babe! Aww I love him mucho!
So another one of our friends got married this weekend! We have know Jason and Jade for about 4 years. They have been together for about 8 and she they are older than we are. Her wedding was gorgeous! Oh my goodness! The green and brown went together so well. They hunt but instead on going for tacky camo they opted for those colors it was beautiful with the Fall weather that came in that day! We had a blast and Jade was lovely in her dress while Jason looked handsome in a chocolate brown suit. Also this weekend I was asked to be maid of honor in my best friends wedding next July!!! YAY! I told her I wasen't going to buy a dress until it got closer because she can have a slight attitude problem sometimes and they argue a ton. I don't won't to buy a dress and not get to use it. lol My boyfriend and I are going to have an intervention with her about her attitude. It is mostly when she drinks. lol I love her though and her fiance is so nice. Anyways...

Dress: (I have had for about 7 years and never worn it) Goodies I think around $10
Shoes: ( Not pictured Just Black pumps) Burkes $9.99
Bracelets: NY&C $3.99 & Burkes $3.99
Earrings: Burkes $3.99


  1. Love these photos from the wedding! Looks like it was a blast! Weddings (especially ones with booze) can be SO much fun! I haven't been to one in a while! I love that picture of you and Marvin! So precious!! Are we expecting wedding bells anytime soon with the two of yall?!

  2. lol Marvin scare me on the whole proposing thing. I think he is scared his parents don't have the best relationship so therefore he thinks all marriages won't work. Maybe one day after we go to all of our friends weddings he will get the picture and propose. But as of right now I am in NO hurry. lol All my friends are getting married and their relationships aren't that great. At least we are happy. You know!