Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Presentation Today

So we had a presentation on a case scenario we were assigned today and I was the only one who dresses half way decent in my group. The other 5 people wore jeans and T-Shirt and did NOT wear their lab coat which I had said would look nice. Any who... I created the WHOLE power point presentation and organized all the material (pathophys, assessment, signs & symptoms, nursing interventions, medications treatments, etc) for our patient who we "diagnosed" with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. This girl in my group changed my whole power point yesterday and I was sooo mad. I mean I did it last year and knew what the expect. Oh well... needless to say she got a bad peer review :) I absolutely HATE giving presentations in front of classes so I was soooo nervous but thought I did ok and I def. knew the material forwards and backwards. Just hoping for a great grade but we will see! I am going to work with my boss at Charisma tomorrow at the NEW Charisma in New Bern!!! YAY! So now there will be 2 stores! She is paying more since I have to drive 45 minutes to get there, I am going to work when I can around school. But since Charisma in Washington won't be done until January I was happy to hop on board. Everyone go check it out on facebook! Charisma Boutique New Bern I will have pictures posted by tomorrow night of inventory!


  1. What! Y'all aren't required to have your lab coats for stuff like that?! ...and your coat isn't embroidered?! You need to get your name sewn onto a pocket!!! Precious outfit girl!

  2. We have metal name tag with "Jessica R. Hardin BCCC Student Nurse" on them! I just didn't have it on when I took the picture. I have a lab coat with BCCC on it but it isn't as nice so I switch up sometimes. I am going to wait till I get done next year to get my name and RN sewn on it! lol