Saturday, November 19, 2011

I wore this on Thursday to work. It was a little chilly in the morning so I just threw on a little cardigan. Sorry I didn't picture it. So my camera is getting worse and worse taking pictures. I def need a new one since I do so many pictures for advertising on facebook for the downtown businesses. Trying to sweet talk my parents into giving me their for Christmas :) Hope you all have a great weekend mine will be spent studying for a nursing test on Monday that is on pre-conception counseling, family planning, STI's (yuck), fetal monitoring, epidural therapy, menstrual disorders, and newborn care and thermoregulation. What fun. But after monday's test and 3 hours of class on Tuesday I am on break until the following monday for Thanksgiving! Even though I have 2 case studies due and a paper due that week. Gonna try to knock that all out Monday afternoon. Anywho... Enjoy your weekend!

Dress: Belk $14
Necklace: Birthday gift from a friend (will try to get a closer picture its gorgeous!)
Bracelets: Burkes outlet around $6 for all


  1. Cute dress! And I hear ya about school... so looking forward to some time off for Thanksgiving!

    Cup of Tea

  2. You truly find the great looks at such low prices!