Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ugh with the weather changes already

So today it is suppose to be 78* tomorrow 58*. I hate when the season is like this but do enjoy a few of our last warm days before the cold winter weather hits Eastern NC. The only good thing about winter... I get to pull out all of my favorite tops, jeans, jackets and boot. Mostly in summer all I wear is dresses. I think I have probably 20 dresses plus the ones my sister has that I wear ;). I think it is suppose to be cold this weekend and then next week Monday and Tuesday be in the 70's again. ugh
FINALLY bought my black skinny jeans yesterday. I was going to wait till the weekend to get them but went to Burkes outlet and found some for $10 so I made my bf buy them for me. (he owed me for helping him clean his house lol) So excited to put together some looks with them!
Dress: Charisma Boutique $32
Coat: Its Fashion (Apple Bottom) $10
Belt: Its Fashion $1.99
Shoes: I just threw on a pair of rainbows

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