Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Day

I wore this on Thanksgiving day with my family. We ate dinner at my parents house Thursday and then just hung out. Ate way to much and now I am sick of Turkey. lol I am not a big meat eater, don't get me wrong I eat meat I would rather just eat the mashed potatoes, collards, corn, deviled eggs, etc. The Wednesday night before thanks giving I went out with the girls I graduated with. We have had a get together the night before Thanksgiving every year since we graduated. It is always nice to see some people not so nice to see one in particular. lol She has a tendency to be negative to talk to much about people. I think she gets crazier every year. lol But it is always nice to see everyone and catch up. I worked on Friday and Saturday at the store and we were slammed! Goodness gracious I was so glad to get off at 6pm. lol Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving also! xoxo

Dress: Kmart $14
Leggings: I think Burkes $3.99 (bought them last year)
Boots: Goodies; around $18 (very old)
Bracelet: Burkes Outlet $3.99
Earrings: Burkes Outlet $3.99

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