Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in NC

So Christmas this year did not feel like Christmas. But Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for everything you did and still do for us here on Earth! Thanks for my healthy and happy life, family, boyfriend and friends. We celebrated Christmas Eve with just myself and boyfriend watching "Its a Wonderful Life" and drinking some wine. (My boyfriends favorite movie is "Its and Wonderful Life" and I see why now, it was a wonderful movie and my new favorite classic.) After reading feedback on my Advise post I am trying to change my outlook on the whole engagement thing. It will happen when it happens and I will try and just be happy with how things are now. I love him and he loves me and that is all I can ask for. On Christmas day I went to my parents first thing in the morning and opened presents with them. Got a ton of house items. My Paula Dean pots and pans set was my fav and my mom had gotten me a comforter the week before that was for Christmas too! YAY! It is gorgeous and chic and way better than the childish one I had on my bed at my parents. My sister got me a sweater from Express that I had to take back because I didn't like it but she didn't like the top I got her either so we were equal. lol Next year we will not exchange clothes. :) My boyfriend got me a tortoise shell watch I had been drooling over for the past couple of months and a wine bottle aerotor (since I do love my red sweet wine). After we did din at my parents we rode over to Marvin's parents house for dinner. I only ate a little because I was so full from my parents. His mom and dad got me slippers and set of wine glasses and mini flashlight and some home decor. Overall great Christmas day festivities. Even though I do have to vent about something... So in Bed Bath and Beyond the other day I noticed a menorah and other Jewish items that they use in their celebrations and have to wonder where are the CROSSES, the Jesus pictures, the original CHRISTmas decor. I am a Christian and it seems to me that no one seems to celebrate their traditions of Christianity anymore. And just because another religion says "Happy Holidays" does not mean you have to say it back! Say "Merry CHRISTmas!" I am so sick of all other religions and cultures being celebrated and talked about on TV and Christianity seeming to fade into the background. I am Christian, I love God and Jesus and I am proud of it!!! Anyway... Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I'll be posting NYE choices soon that I need your help with! XOXO

Oh here is the Christmas present I received from my Best Friend. Her bridesmaid dress for her wedding this July. I could not believe she purchased it for me! Thank you Meredith! Muah. It is Newport Navy and we are wearing pearls and silver shoes. I just wanted to see what it looked like the heels.
Dress: J. Crew retail $225
Pearl Necklace: very old
Shoes: Rue 21 (last December) $20

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