Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday night, Wine, & Homemade Chilli

So I had to work Friday at the antique store and this is what I wore. Then Marvin and I decided to cook some chilli on his new wood heater he set up in the kitchen! Ahh it is amazing and keeps his house nice and toasty plus we can cook on it! Marvin bought a cast iron pot so we browned the meat and then added the rest and let it simmer. He just had to keep adding logs to the fire. Now we can roast marshmallows inside! lol The pipe runs up the old chimney. His house was built in the 1890's and his family has owned it and passed it down. Its needs a ton of work but he is fixing it slowly but surely. Working on it one room at a time and then he wants to start on the outside this coming up year. The house is huge! Anyways... so now that I am out on a 3 week break I am finishing Christmas shopping, working, starting the job search this coming week (for my big girl Nursing job), and just not worrying about studying for test! lol This coming semester is going to be so busy for me. 120 hours of precepting (its like an intership, I work for free with a nurse I get paired with), all the material this semester, testing, ATI testing, NCLEX prep, etc. ugh. I will gladly enjoy this break!

Sweater: Charisma Boutique (first item I bought from their before I worked their) $39
Jeans: Belks $14
Boots: Its Fashion $20
Bracelet: $4
Earrings Burkes Outlet $4


  1. Love the way you write. Chili sounds super yummy. Have a fun break.

  2. lol I am not good a writing and it can be all over the place at times.

  3. Love those bell sleeves! Super cute look paired with cognac boots...great mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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