Sunday, January 8, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

Ahhh it was nice to have a weekend free with nothing to do. I had Friday off so I went and took some pictures at the antique shop, meet with my Charisma staff mates to discuss our re-opening schedule! YAY. So excited to start back working at the store in Washington again. Did I mention it looks AMAZING! The inside now looks gorgeous and it looks kind of out of the ordinary for our little town. We are planning on re-opening the 26th (finger crosses) and now that I got a GREAT precept schedule I can work more! My schedule ended up being class Monday and Tuesday and my preceptor is in the our towns Emergency Department and she is off on Saturday and Sundays! Oh and she is day shift! YAY. I got SOOOOOOO lucky! Its 120 hours of "internship" pretty much. Other classmates got weekend only shifts and night :/ yuck. I am nervous and excited about starting the end of my nursing school journey and about the experiences I will see/get in the ED. After the first 8 weeks of class I have the same class schedule on Monday and Tuesday and clinicals on Thursday at the Cardiac center and Psych rotations locally. (Psych kind of scares me, but the place I will be is mostly overdose and addiction)  So now that the next 16 weeks of my life is planned out I am slightly stress free. lol This weekend my boyfriend and I spent Friday night watching movies; Saturday we went kayaking which was amazing then cooked out at my best friends house; and today had lunch with my parents, then went shopping (well just looked) and went out to dinner. Very relaxing weekend. Marvin and I think we have an eating problem! lol We have figured out that we eat a lot so we are working on eating healthier. You know salads, grilled chicken, protein, fish, veggies, etc. Instead of our usual home-fried potatoes, fast food, japanese with white sauce, bojangles. Ekkk we eat horrible. I will keep you updated on our progression. I have also decided to start running again, well, walking with an occasional jog or two. lol I am starting this week. Please keep me motivated! :) Well, time to hit the books for tomorrow lecture. Here is what I wore for lunch, shopping, and din today. Very comfy, yet quite cute and stylish if I do say so myself. xoxo

Top: Charisma (last yr) $15 on sale
Leggings: Burkes Outlet $3.99
Boots: Belks (this year) $20
Bracelets: NY&C Bangles $6 for 3, Burkes Outlet $3.99 for 6 (only 2 pictured)


  1. Good going on the internship. You are so going to rock!

    Girlie Blog

  2. Love your stacked bracelets! Congrats on starting running again, I used to love the runners high!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. lookin good as usual Jess! love that top and those bracelets!