Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 Hours of Lecture Today

I thought this outfit would be appropriate to listen to my instructor lecture on Mental Health patients today. Mental Health/Psych does interest me though so it should be interesting. Oh, and guess what... I received my preceptor/intership schedule and it is AMAZING! No weekends and it is days! Most are on Wednesday and Thursdays and I have a few on Fridays! How lucky did I get?! Ok... Enough about that great news here is what I am wearing today. Oh if anyone is interested in seeing how the boutique is looking now since the re-model from hurricane Irene check out their facebook page and hit the "Like" button. I uploaded pics yesterday! Charisma Boutique.

Sweater: Charisma (over Christmas Break on sale) $32
Jeans: My sisters
Boots: Belks $20
Watch: Gift
Bracelets: Burkes $3


  1. ooh that sweater looks comfy!


  2. cute outfit you are wearing, and congrats on your internship schedule!