Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, Work and Music in The Streets

Cardigan: Charisma Boutique (fall 2010 sale) $15
Cami: Its Fashion $3.99
Skirt: Charisma Boutique $32 ( I get an employee discount) 
Necklace: Burkes Outlet $4
Sandals: Shoe Shoe $14.99 (knock off Jack Rogers)
So today I am working at Charisma Boutique for Music in the Street and Cycle NC. We just started back Music in The Streets for the 10th year in Washington, NC this weekend and  it bring alot of people out and about to our downtown area. They have music and vendors, dancing, etc from 6pm until 9pm one Friday a month. It is just something fun for people to do and come to around Washington. Also this weekend the Cycle NC participants are visiting out town so our downtown area looks like tent city. Below are some pictures. Its going to be a great weekend even though I have to study and work. I can still squeeze in a little room for some play time. ;) xoxo until Monday lovelies
Closeup of necklace picture above
Cycle NC tent city! :)